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Genuine Blue Pills

Genuine Viagra comes with various safety features – You the consumer has to make that informed decision

Buying genuine Blue Pills is not all that difficult. All you have to do is be aware about the product so that scammers are not able to dupe you into buying fake Blue pills. Know about their marked differences….

Blue Pills is a licensed product that has gone through extensive research as well as clinical trials. Blue pills may be expensive but these drugs also bring with them the assurance that they have been thoroughly tried and tested, and are therefore safe and effective to use.

What is genuine Blue pills?

Ever since its release by Pfizer in 1998, Blue pills has remained the number 1 drug for treating erectile dysfunction. Genuine Blue pills tablets are produced by a pharmaceutical company called Pfizer and are sold under the ‘Blue pills’ brand name. These tablets come as both ‘regular’ and ‘soft’ tablets. They are blue in colour and have the word ‘Pfizer’ printed on one side and the medication strength printed on the other. Genuine Blue pills will always be slightly more expensive than the generic versions of the medication.

Additionally, genuine Blue pills has undergone stringent testing and therefore meets the strict standards set up in order to receive the approval of the FDA. This means FDA has made very sure the genuine drug contains the active ingredient in the right proportion to have a consistent strength dosage each time. Additionally, the ingredients in genuine Blue pills have no known side effects.

How do I know that the Blue pills I am purchasing is genuine?

First you need to check if the medication is authentic. This can be done by checking the relevant hallmarks, stickers as well as the batch numbers that each package carries. Never accept Blue pills that is unmarked or that has arrived in a plastic bag; these could be fake Blue pills tablets. Your medication will always be dispensed by a licensed pharmacist and this should be apparent in the form of a label on the packaging with your name, date of birth and instructions on how the Blue pills should be taken. If in doubt, contact Pfizer with your batch number and they can verify the batch for you. This will establish the authenticity of the drug.

How to be safe from scammers selling fake Blue pills?

Being informed is the first step to remaining safe. Don’t ever buy Blue pills pills without obtaining a prescription from a doctor. This checks any possibility of untoward incidences and also helps you evaluate the price of genuine Blue pills. Your doctor can also tell the difference between a genuine and a generic Blue pills pill. You must ensure that you choose only those online pharmacies, which sell Blue pills at the original price.

A good rule of thumb to ensure that you are buying genuine Blue pills manufactured by Pfizer is to purchase it from a UK registered Pharmacy. A legitimate pharmacy will not prescribe a drug without first requiring you to register online and to undergo an online consultation.

Difference between ‘fake’ and ‘genuine’ Blue pills

Genuine Blue pills is Pfizer produced and therefore marked. Fake Blue pills will not carry the Pfizer stamp. Fake Blue pills is mostly sold at cheaper rates. If you take Blue pills for erectile dysfunction treatment and feel that it lacks effectiveness chances are that you have been duped into buying fake Blue pills. If your Blue pills dosage causes certain side effects that you have never heard about, it could be the problem with your drug. The genuine Blue pills packaging comes complete with the manufacturer’s hallmark and production batch code. If these are missing from the packaging, you should not buy that drug.