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Blue pills facts

Old and new facts concerning Blue pills

Men know a lot about Viagra sildenafil citrate(Blue pills), thanks to locker room gossips and by passing rumours between their friends. Next time astonish your friends with some known and some unknown facts about Blue pills.

Blue pills fact #1 Blue pills is only legally available on a prescription

Some time ago, the only way to get Blue pills was via your local doctor. However, the things are not same in the era of the internet. You can now get Blue pills online after finishing a consultation online, without having to face a doctor. But many online sources don't sell genuine Blue pills.

A drug as famous as Blue pills will attract many unscrupulous people towards counterfeiting. Fake Blue pills pills have been found to be freely distributed in bars and pubs. Many men who are either too ashamed to get a Blue pills prescription from a doctor or are denied Blue pills because of their health condition, often opt for the easier way out. However, there are many dangers involved in this practice.

First of all, there is no saying what fake Blue pills includesor what fake Viagra sildenafil includes. Some samples of fake Blue pills were found to have chemical waste, dyes and talcum powder in them. Some samples had such a high dosage of the active ingredient sildenafil that it would have seriously harmed men's health if taken. Lastly, it was found that profits from the sale of fake Blue pills went to support terrorist activities. Therefore, if you buy fake Blue pills without a prescription from a registered doctor, you not only put your life in danger but also potentially thousands of other people's too.

Blue pills fact #2 Blue pills fails if a man is not sexually aroused

Blue pills does not help in the absence of sexual stimulation. It does not increase your sex drive or your desire to have sex. Most men, who want to revive their sex drive, take Blue pills, thinking it will bring fun, passion and energy into the bedroom. Let's get our facts right, Blue pills is not an energy booster or an aphrodisiac and is not funny by any means. It helps you to get erection, if you have problems in achieving or maintaining one. It's an impotence treatment, not a sexual enhancer.

If you believe that Blue pills will improve your performance in bed, then you are wrong again. Don't get carried away by the locker room conversations of overzealous boasting guys. The truth is that Blue pills is a simple erectile dysfunction that pumps more blood to the penis and gives you an erection. If you are not sexually aroused then you will not get an erection. Blue pills does not affect your mental state at all. It just increases the flow of blood to your penis. Now it's your turn to guess, where do all the locker room stories come from?

Blue pills fact #3 Blue pills can cause migraines

No matter how disappointing it may appear, it is true. As said earlier, Blue pills increases the flow of blood by increasing cGMP and dilating the cerebral arteries, which can induce a migraine. This was proven in clinical trials, with ten out of 12 men tested on Blue pills getting a migraine with merely two out of 12 people on a placebo getting a migraine. If you are a migraine patient, you should tell your doctor about this before you take Blue pills.

Flaunt your newly acquired knowledge of Blue pills amongst your friends and if any of them happen to have migraine problem, give them your heartfelt blessings!

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