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Are Little Blue Pills Really Magic Pills?

Viagra, now very fondly known as little blue pills in the UK and in many other countries across the globe, is a prescription medication. By no means, is it a magic pill nor can it do miracles for you.

Even though, Viagra is a very potent drug, it has some limitations. These blue pills can cause grave side effects and may not even work for you. Whether Viagra works for you or not entirely depends on your body formation and reactions. Therefore, even if the blue pill online bought by your friend worked for him splendidly it might not to any wonders for you.

Viagra has gone through several clinical trials and when you obtain the blue pill online, you can rest assured that it is a medically tested drug proven to work. Nevertheless, in the same clinical trials, the blue pill caused some side effects. When you buy the blue pill online, you have to be ready to face the fact that it may cause some negative effects.

Some of the common side effects of the blue pill are nausea, facial flushing, stomach upset, and headache. Drinking lots of water helps many men to keep these side effects of blue pill at bay. Other side effects that you might experience with the blue pill are indigestion, a runny nose, and a blue tint to the vision. However, these side effects of the little blue pill are less common and hence you can order blue pill online without much worrying.

If you order blue pill online and simultaneously take nitrate medications, there might be a large drop in your blood pressure. Nitrate treatment is normally prescribed for angina (chest pain) and as little blue pills slightly reduce the blood pressure, the results might be fatal

Your little blue pill online might pose a big threat if you have the following conditions:

  • severe heart or liver problems
  • recent stroke or heart attack
  • low blood pressure
  • certain rare inherited eye diseases

Therefore, never obtain the blue pill in the UK from an illicit source. You might naively bring a host of health problems.

If however, you wish to order blue pill in the UK, the best way to do so is with a proper consultation. You can do that with your local medical practitioner or might even seek help online. It is very awkward and embarrassing to seek a local doctor and ask for Viagra prescription. You have to reveal all your personal details about sex life and erections to get a simple blue pill in the UK.

Therefore, online resources become very handy. You can procure blue pill in the UK over the internet with a formal consultation process after which a real medical professional would review your consultation form. It is he, who will decide if you should buy the blue pill online or not. If he finds you are not suitable for the blue pill, he might deny you a prescription. This will save you from lots of health problems.